Terms of Service & Privacy

Lenddo will not rent or sell your personal information to third parties. Lenddo may share some of your personal data to facilitate your transactions (e.g. banking information and name to deposit funds). If Lenddo must share your information it will do so in accordance with local laws and regulations of the countries we operate in.

When you create an account on Lenddo, we collect basic information about you through the registration process - your name, email address, social media, and a means to authenticate your account (for example, a password). You may also provide additional information through the account creation process, such as the email address of the person who referred you to Lenddo. You may also provide other information (for example, a picture of yourself, a picture of your lending team, your occupation, your physical address, your city/state/country of residence, employer and education history, family information, the reasons why you choose to use Lenddo) through the creation of a profile page, creating/joining as an endorser on the Website, making a loan transaction on Lenddo, updating your account information, or by registering with Lenddo through a third-party single sign on registration tool. Profile pages will also show the following information: the date on which you joined Lenddo, the loans you have, the lending teams you have joined, and the individuals who have accepted your connections to create an account on Lenddo. Lenddo will also track information on your loan transactions (for example, amount of the loan, repayments) and make that information available to you on your private Lenddo account page.

Your Lenddo profile is private by default. You can make your profile public under "Profile Settings", allowing others to see your general information including your. This information may be accessed by everyone on the Internet (including people that are not part of the Lenddo community), be indexed by third party search engines, and be imported, exported, distributed, and redistributed by us and others without privacy limitations. However, some information such as your name, profile picture, and Lenddo score are always accessible on the Lenddo platform.

By establishing an account on Lenddo, you authorize us ownership of any data you provide. We may use data that identifies you (your personal information) for a number of things including: statistical analysis; to develop and improve our products; to assess lending risks; to update your records; to identify which of our products, or our partners' products, might interest you; to identify and prevent fraud, money laundering and other criminal activities; to carry out regulatory checks, keeping you informed about your loan, and for market research.

Lenddo will never share or distribute user information without your consent.

As you use additional features of the Website, we may collect the additional information you enter. If you purchase a Lenddo product, we collect information about your purchase (for example, your name as purchaser, amount you spent, number of Lenddo products purchased) and information about your recipient that you provide (for example, recipient name, email address, physical address) in order to deliver the Lenddo products, contact the purchaser and/or the recipient with respect to the purchased items, and note the recipient's relation to the purchaser. Lenddo products may include but are not limited to insurance and cellular phone discounts.

By establishing an account on Lenddo, you agree to receive emails or other written communication, such as physical mail, based on your account status or activity (for example, confirmations of loans you have requested, loan application status, notifications of loan repayments, statements or other information with respect to the amount of credit available in your Lenddo account, confirmation of email address or password changes, or customer service inquiries regarding the status of or activity in your account).

By establishing an account and requesting a loan through Lenddo, you agree to let Lenddo contact your social network in the event of delinquency. Lenddo will attempt numerous times to privately contact you to reconcile the account before resorting to this stage.

When contacting Lenddo, it is absolutely agreed and understood that Lenddo may tape or otherwise record any and all conversations between Lenddo and our users, which such taped or recorded conversations may be used by Lenddo for internal or other legitimate purposes. The lendee shall not hold Lenddo liable in any way for a violation of the anti-wire tapping act, it being understood that our users grants its full consent to such taping or recording by Lenddo.

By default, you may receive periodic newsletter emails from Lenddo. The frequency of these newsletters may vary. You can choose not to receive these newsletters through a preference on the Website as well as opt-out directly from the email.

Lenddo will not disclose your personally identifiable lending activity to any third party without consent. Lenddo reserves the right to record and display anonymous lending activity on the Website and display the general regions where our lenders are located.

Lenddo's service providers, agents and representatives may be provided access to your personally identifiable information as part of, or incident to, their provision of services to Lenddo (for example, processing of loan transactions). All such access shall be under appropriate confidentiality agreements and limited to use to provide services to Lenddo.

If you follow any links which remove you from the Website, this Privacy Policy no longer applies - i.e., Lenddo does not control the privacy policies or the privacy practices of any third parties and use of those third party sites are governed by those third party sites' respective terms of use and privacy policies. Please note that payment processing for (i) deposits of funds into a Lenddo user's account or (ii) repayments of funds to Lenddo's account is provided by the third-party payment processing provider, typically a local bank.

Similar to many websites, if a Website user has enabled cookies in their browser, Lenddo, independently and through enabled third party tools and programs, collects certain technical information utilizing a cookie file, such as the path of users to the Website, pages visited, originating IP address, browser type, browser language, and the date and time of the user's visit. This information helps Lenddo track trends and to improve areas of our Website based on visits, and are common analytics used by most websites.

This Website is intended to be used by adults. It is not intended for children, and Lenddo does not want to collect any personal information for users who are under the age of 18. Lenddo recommends that parents do not post, or permit others to post, any personally identifiable information with respect to persons under the age of 18.

Lenddo may update or modify this Privacy Policy from time to time. If any changes are made, Lenddo will reflect the date on which any such changes are made and posted by updating the "last updated" date at the top of the page. Please be sure to check this page periodically for changes. This Privacy Policy was last changed and posted on our Website on January 1, 2011.

We take privacy seriously and treat your data as if it were our own data.